Impressionen aus dem Eltern-Kind-Zimmer

Statistics have shown that, especially for parents, making a professional career while having a family can be very hard. Particularly in scientific professions, being a parent can be an obstacle as high time flexibility is required. The reconciliation of family and working life must therefore be a top priority for women in science. In order to foster this reconciliation, the Collaborative Research Center 1026 "Sustainable Manufacturing - Shaping Global Value creation", supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG) has set up a parent-child-room in which employees in special situations can work. Whenerver the baby-sitter is not available or daycare is closed, mothers and fathers can reserve the room and have full access to their e-mail, calendar and files and are thus fully integrated in the institute's network without having to let their children out of sight.

For children of all ages, stuffed animals, toys and a cradle were purchased. furthermore, opportunities for breastfeeding and baby change wer installed. The furniture and colours are matched to the children's needs.

With the parent-child-room, the Collaborative Research Center Sustainable Manufacturing ensures that family and career do not have to be contradictory.


M.Sc. Johannes Seidel