Research Training Group

SFB 1026 MGK Round Lecture: Sustainable Manufacturing
Engineering Innovation in sustainable manufacturing is the root to global wealth and welfare. Innovation occurs, when engineers work together on solving problems and applying new technologies in technological systems und economical, ecological and social restrictions. Scientific work is the basis for efficient task fullfilment and innovation creation. Doctoral students have to be enabled to conceive, design, implement, operate real-world systems and new sustainable products and processes.
This teaching module deals with fundamentals of planning, development and evaulation of technological and organisational solutions for sustainable manufacturing from the fields of engineering, economics and mathematics.

SFB 1026 MGK Seminar Series: Methods and Tools in Sustainable Manufacturing
This teaching module deals with the methods and tools used to delvelop sustainable products, processes, technologies and organsisations. The participants will gain insight in the use of interdisciplinary development and evaluation tools. Within the course activities, the participants will apply the learned tools within the reasearch framework of the Collaborative Research Centre 1026: Sustainable Manufacturing, Shaping global value creation.

SFB 1026 MGK colloquium
Doctoral candiates are required to engage in and conduct original research. The presentation of Intermediate results in MGK reporting colloqiums aid in the preparation of and defense of Ph.D. dissertation proposal and provide opportunities to present research and receive feedback. Engagement in the interdisciplinary ongoing research within the frame work of the MGK Colloquim provides early introduction to research methods and opportunities for research and promotes a community and learning climate conducive to reasearch goal achievement. Preparation and execution of the presentations prepare the particpiants to be professionals in their discipline and the participating audience to review evidence of papers presented, publications, and professional networking.