Cross-Sectional Projects

In addition to the project areas there are three cross-sectional projects within CRC 1026 that work in close cooperation with all the other projects.

Based on established cooperation with global engineering partners, exchange of ideas on sustainable manufacturing in yearly international conferences on this issue, international graduate courses for master of science in global production engineering, global academic and industrial networking on sustainable manufacturing are continuously developed in an integrated research training group (MGK).

Based on already existing multiple channels for public relations, new means of increasing the awareness of public communities about challenges of sustainability and paths to cope with them are established in a public awareness project (PA).

In a service project for information infrastructure (INF) the continuously increasing potentials of information and communication technology shall be exploited for efficient and effective coordination, cooperation and collaboration within the CRC and with the outside public.

The main research goal of the cross-sectional projects is to improve internal and external communication of the CRC in order to promote sustainability qualification within the projects and the scientific community as well as in the broad society.