Sustainable Technological Solutions

The production technology depth is represented by product, processes, equipment and organization as generic factors of value creation in project area B. The manufacturing research and the development of an appropriate methodology to integrate elements of manufacturing technology for superior concepts of sustainable value creation covers a broad spectrum of applicability for tangible and intangible products.

The product case instantiation in project B1 is by addressing virtual product creation in modeling product properties,development processes, engineering tasks and sustainability indicators in semantic web ontology as well as a assistance tool for product developers.

Energy efficient cleaning, dry machining and sustainable welding represent fundamental manufacturing processes in projects B2 and B3 respectively with huge application potentials for a many different products.

The equipment perspective in value creation is addressed by microsystem enhanced machine tool structures for lightweight and accuracy optimized (LEG2O) frames in project B4 and accuracy increasing systems for simple machine tools in project B5.

The management and organization perspective in value creation is dealt with in the so-called integration shop project B6. The architecture of modules and networks serves as generic description means integrating CRC projects in their different levels of aggregation and in physical or virtual implementation.

Besides the technological development challenges the application perspectives are in opening markets of emerging communities enabling them in help for self-help. Man machine interaction and learnstruments to be developed in project area C will reinforce this development by corresponding learning and teaching tools to be integrated into the equipment for manufacturing.

The main research goals are to realize exemplary widely applicable means of management and technology for sustainable manufacturing in project area B