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Tricky but solvable

Press Release 5 / 2012
Berlin, 20.6.2012

Tricky but solvable

Sustainability Rallye at the Berlin Long Night of Sciences

On June 26, 2012 the Production Technology Center (PTZ) Berlin opened its test field for all interested visitors during the 12th Long Night of Sciences. The newly constituted cooperative research centre (CRC)1026 „Sustainable Manufacturing – Shaping global Value Creation" has incorporated the knowledge impartment for sustainable topics as a central aspect in its work programme. In this night the CRC first presented iotself to the public and was at the same time the most strongly represented project at the PTZ.

The scientists have presented the CRC's approaches for sustainable production at six booths and test rigs. At a game for scenario technique and live demonstrations for virtual product development, a "home factory" with 3D-Printer, environmentally friendly cleaning with dry-ice blasting and energy efficient drive systems the approximately 1000 visitors had a hands-on experience of future technology. More than 80 children and youths with their parents took part in the Sustainability-Rallye "Tricky but solvable – Sustainable Manufacturing", that was specially developed for youngsters in the CRC. Their success proved, that with a little explanation it is a child's play to understand sustainable manufacturing.


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